Singer 132 Featherweight review

It was during the release of the Singer Featherweight sewing machines that helped propel Singer into the huge enterprise we know today. The first Featherweight models were manufactured during the early part of the century and were considered a breakthrough at that time due to the new and incredible functions the machines were capable of doing. Years later, new and further enhanced Singer Featherweights were created containing most of the features which made Singer achieve its much known name now.

The Singer 132 Featherweight weighs about less than 15 pounds making it very light. It is compact and very easy to carry with you even when attending sewing classes. The machine does not consume much space so you are free to choose wherever you want to work on your project, may it be within your home or even outside your house where there will not be a problem with lighting. This sewing machine does not have a very noisy operation therefore allowing you to work quietly and concentrate on the project at hand. It even allows you to work at night since you will not be disturbing anybody else due to the quiet running of the machine.

The machine is very easy to operate. Even inexperienced users are able to manage the operation of the Singer 132 although, you may sometimes find it hard to understand the manual because certain instructions are not explicitly described and there are illustrations that are quite unclear. But once you learn how the machine is run, you will find that it is one of the easiest modern sewing machines ever made. The Singer 132 Featherweight features a 6-second threading system which helps the user begin sewing with ease. It also has an automatic threading mechanism which controls the stitches to avoid loose or tight ones. Two needle positions are available with a button for reverse stitching. Main controls and the foot pedal are all controlled electronically making it very comfortable and easy for the user to work with.

The Singer 132 Featherweight does not come with an LCD screen though, so you will not be able to connect it with a PC and add further stitch designs. Users are limited to the designs available that are built in the Singer 132 but it allows the user to combine stitching functions in just one sitting. The Singer 132 Featherweight also comes with a lot of accessories like presser feet. These accessories are included in the package when you buy the Singer 132.