SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine Review

With just a little experience in examining the features of sewing machines from different brands, you can easily find the similarities between Singer 2259 tradition 19-stitch sewing machine and other machines. So, what makes this machine standalone and different from the slew of others?In effect, this machine does not come with a lot of dissimilarities when you compare it with other free-arm sewing machines offered by different manufacturers. However, it does not substantiate that Singer 2259 sewing machine has nothing remarkable. In view of the features and Singer 2259 price, this is definitely a great choice for basic sewing enthusiasts, particularly for those who have to move to different places more frequently with their sewing machines.

What makes Sainsbury’s SINGER traditional 2259 sewing machine great?

As with the majority of today’s commercial products, the manufacturers’ reputation matters a lot. Depending on this simple rule, SINGER has emerged as a trusted brand for so many years by now because of the company’s ability to incorporate sewing brilliance and pack many features into an affordable machine that can intricately enhance user experience.If you are only a beginner with just a simple understanding of how a sewing machine should work, you will not avoid looking into the automatic bobbin winding facility that will ease out the complexities you would face as a newbie.SINGER sewing machine accessories are the smallest but certainly some of the most convenient features that this machine could offer as you are running your sewing sessions. No matter, if you are an advanced user because itoffers an adequate number of stitches.

SINGER 2259 review

Ease of use:

A convincing reason why you may buy Singer 2259 is you will find it easier to operate than most other basic sewing machines. It is the labels that are printed on the machine’s surface toease out the hassles of understanding how to operate it. The stitch selection feature is no less efficient than other machines in its class.In addition, you may want to make others in your family learn how to sew. Is it possible to teach others about sewing with an advanced sewing machine that requires years of skills and knowledge about creative stitching techniques? So, you may find this appliance a good tool, particularly when you will start teaching any of your family members or friends about basic sewing skills.


Major features:

This machine represents the low-price editions offered by Singer, but the price has nothing to do with its features because users will find most of the convenient features available without spending hundreds of dollars. One of the major features this machine has for its users is the easy and effortless stitch selection mechanism that gives them superb control over the length of their stitches. Here are other features which could attract your attention.

  • Asimple and quick stitch selection dial
  • 19 styles of stitches giving the machine ultimate versatility
  • An on-board storage
  • A heavy-duty metal frame
  • Automatic bobbin winding facility
  • Efficient and well-timed threading
  • A zig-zag width to let users customizeeach of their stitches
  • Completely automated 4-step buttonhole facility
  • 4 snap-on presser feet to allowusers to undertake more creative and detail-oriented sewing projects

Does the machine feature any downside?

Compared to the most types of sewing machine with the same sorts of features, Singer 2259 has only one limitation that is confirmed by some users who have experience in using different machines from different brands. The most persistent issue lies with the needles which are of low quality. The needles can easily be broken after being used for a while. It means that you should accept to bear the hassles of getting new needles every time before you start a new sewing project. Another highly talked disadvantage is its weight. However, when you love to use a sewing machine for so many years, you will be mindful of its durability feature. The metallic build is the cause why it is not that lightweight and compact.

Final thoughts:

With only a tight budget, you cannot expect to enjoy the features of a high-end machine from a reputable brand. However, you can still get the most features with a small budget, and that is the SINGER 2259 sewing machine.To know more about the machine, watch this video: