SINGER 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Sewing is more of an art than working with a machine and a piece of cloth. You might have understood the fact, but it is the sewing machine that can make a good transition between your craftsmanship and the end result. With the latest technology, we have lots of sewing machines from a number of brands, but they are not made to perform equally. If you wish to purchase an entry-level sewing machine that does not go beyond your budget, you know you need to compromise on some features which are exclusively available in more expensive options. However, will you get your choice limited to some models which offer only some stitches and common features? Maybe, you will look for a machine that lets you hone your sewing skills while using a reasonable amount of your budget. Above these circumstances, SINGER 7258 Stylist sewing machine can be one of the most desirable options for the money.

SINGER 7258 review

Why is Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine is the best Singer sewing machine?

Won’t you buy an appliance that has earned the status of being the best selling entry-level sewing machine? Of course, the machine has a lot more to offer than you may think of getting for your limited budget.It is a 100-stitch basic machine which will meet all your needs, even if you want to create some artistic sewing tasks.You may want basic straight and zigzag stitches. Well, you will get decorative stitches as well.In order to add some more details and embellishments on your clothes and drapes, you can use relevant features. Another positive aspect of this machine is it lets you use with maximum control and ease.This is a partially computerized machine with a LED display screen to enable you to adjust the settingsusing the push buttons housed underneath the display. Placed on the machine’s body are the stitches along with their corresponding numbers. It means you will not need to look through Singer 7258 manual to learn the number of your desired stitch.

Some other features:

The automatic needle threader adds some mechanical precision to what you do with the machine. After you thread the machine, it will automatically thread the needle’s eye, so you will not need to employ much of your efforts and time.The automatic bobbin winder along with 10 presser feetmakes it a powerful sewing machine. Speaking of the speed? The machine works at a great speed as it can deliver 750 stitches in every 60 seconds.

What could lower your spirit?

As explained above, this machine may be more suitable for small sewing projects than the bigger ones. As long as you want to make your cocktail dress, it will work fairly well. However, for ball gowns, you may need to look for a high-end machine as it will not work expectedly because of a little space between the machine’s body and the needle.With a large volume of thick fabrics materials, you will get disappointed with the machine’s performance. Although it may sew your fabric for the initial few stitches, you will have it jammed or skipping stitches as you proceed to the middle of your sewing project.


Major features:

  • A large variety of Built-In Stitches. As many as 100 stitches including 8 Stretch, 9 Essentialand 76 Decorative stitches.
  • Supporting awide array of sewing capabilities, includingheirloom, fashion sewing, decorative sewing, quilting, home sewingand crafts.
  • 6 Fully Automatic Buttonholesand 1 Endless Buttonhole.
  • A Push-Button Stitch Selection in order toallow users to select their desired stitches.
  • Optimum settings for width, tension and length through automatic operation.
  • Automatic Needle Threader in order to help users save their precious time.
  • Start / Stop Button
  • Speed Control system to let users work with added comfort and convenience.
  • No need for using the foot controller.
  • Electronic Speed Control for allowing users to work without using the foot controller while getting absolute control over the operation procedures.
  • Automatic Tension allowing for excellent stitch quality regardless of the type of fabric used in stitching.
  • A Drop-In Bobbin with transparent cover to enable users toworkwith in and out the bobbin for faster threading and thread supply monitoring.

The Verdict:

With all Singer 7258 Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine reviews in mind, you have the reasons to consider getting this machine as it will give you lots of choices when it comes to creativity which is a vital part of your sewing project.To know more about this award-winning model, watch this video: