Singer Sewing Machines Reviews, Models

Singer Sewing Machine: Things You Should Know

Do you have a great passion in sewing? Or do you plan to open a tailoring shop? Whatever your selection is, it is advisable that you have the sewing machine so that all you will have the best output of fixing or creating new clothing. In this article, you will learn some of the advantages of Singer sewing machine and how can it possibly increase your clothing production. You will also learn some of the procedures on how you can utilize the machine in the fastest method together with the available models that will suits you best.

Singer Sewing Machines

Brief History

Singer sewing machine has long been in the industry, giving every tailor the chance to show his or her talents and ability in creating different clothing designs. This machine was first presented by Isaac Merritt Singer and Edward Clark, a New York lawyer, in their company I. M. Singer & Co and later was renamed as Singer Corporation. Their sewing machines are now widely recognized all around the world, as one of the reputed and trusted brand in term of sewing machine industry.

Singer Sewing Machine Models


Since Singer Corporation has been in the industry for several decades, they already produced countless sewing machines as part of the technological evolution and necessities. Here are some of the models that offer hundreds of thousands of customers a great smile on their faces and investment return.

  Singer 1507 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine is recognized as one of the best-sellers sewing machine of Singer, for the reason that, it is offered at a very affordable price.  This unit is also lightweight, giving the customers the chance to relocate easily the machine to any place they prefer.

Singer Tradition 2259 Sewing Machine

This sewing machine has the capacity to sew buttonholes through four simple steps. Sew layers and the reverse capacity will halt the beginning and tail from unveiling. With this machine, the users can ensure high productivity rate. See complete Singer Tradition 2259 Sewing Machine review here.

 Singer 3232 Sewing Machine

It is believed that one of the perfect models of sewing machines ever created by Singer is the Singer 3232 Sewing Machine. This is because it contains a very stylish lilac color flash. It has the capacity to work with sleek, lightweight, and silent household jobs or dressmaking. The price of this machine is also very affordable even though it is made from highly durable materials that guarantee lengthy services.

Additional Singer Sewing Machine Models

In today’s generation, hi-tech Singer sewing machines are also available in the market to help thousands of tailors with their sewing jobs.  Some of other newest products include the EM200 SUPERB, SE340 LEGAC, and 7363 CONFIDENCE.

Singer Sewing Machine Parts

The sewing machines of Singer are composed of highly technical parts depending on the year it was produced or on its type or model. Here are the basic parts of Singer simple sewing machine

  • Shanks
  • Serger Knives
  • Reverse Levers
  • Pulleys
  • Presser Feet
  • Presser Bars
  • Position Brackets
  • Needles
  • Needle Plates
  • Needle Clamps
  • Needle Bars
  • Motors
  • Motor Pulleys
  • Motor Belts
  • Lights & Bulbs
  • Knobs & Levers

Note: these are just some of the essential parts of Singer sewing machine, every model possess its own unique parts that makes them outstanding and in good performance.

Singer Sewing Machine Table

Since the launch of the sewing machines, they have been attached in different classes of wooden cabinets, tables, or portable cases. Each sewing machine models has its own table design so that the buyers or the consumers will easily distinguish their search from the others. The size of the table also varied depending on the type of usage or for the materials being sewed.

How to Thread a Singer Sewing Machine

Many people might assume that threading a sewing machine is hard and complex; however, it is not provided that you know what type of Singer sewing machine you have. Here are some of the steps on how to thread a singer sewing machine.

  1. Turn off the machine.See to it that no power connected to the sewing machine prior to your plan of thread it. If you are using an electric sewing machine, make sure you unplug it.
  1. Lift needle to the highest point.Rotate slowly the hand wheel near to raise slowly the needle.
  1. Raise the presser foot.Hold the small handle of machine to elevate the presser foot for the thread to pass through the machine threading points.
  1. Put a thread spool on the spool pin.Selected machines contains vertical spool pin, while others are horizontal. Either way, put the yarn to the spool pin.
  1. Move the thread on theinitial thread guide.Take it over the minor slot on the bottom of the thread guide, and then pass it on the upper slot. Move the thread round to the right and tug it through.
  1. Take the thread to the secondary thread guide.Move the thread on the right and below the guide, for you to insert it on the bottom and over the topmost. Snap carefully the thread in place.
    7. Pass thread all over the tension mechanism.Direct it to the threading channel and allow it slip to the tension discs.
  1. Cord the lever eye take-up.Move the thread below the hook and to the eye to where it will remain in place.
  2. Thread guide on top of the needle.It pertains to the small hook holding the thread tension.
  1. Thread the needle.Take the thread in front going to back

In selecting a machine for your tailoring shop, see to it that you choose both the Singer heavy-duty sewing machine and the simple machines, as this can give you the chance to sew the right fabric and clothing. The heavy-duty machines can assist you in fixing the hard fabric materials, just like in pants or jeans. The Singer sewing machines are surely to be your best option for your sewing problems.